Making The Decision To Switch Web Providers

So you’re considering changing website provider but are concerned that the process is a lot of work for you and or your team. Truth is, you’re right. It can be a big time commitment on your part as well as a disruption to your entire team. There are so many moving parts to consider that it can be very overwhelming to the point where

At EZ Results we do the heavy lifting. Once you have signed our agreement with your EZ Results Account Manager, within an hour, the process has begun.

You will receive an email from the Project Manager assigned to your website to schedule your Implementation Call. Prior to your Implementation Call we have already gone to your current site and scraped your content.

On your Implementation Call we will emphasize that we want your site to have as many pages with relevant original content. This is very important in the Google Search Algorithm.

Therefore we want additional content such as “Why Choose Dealer ABC”, content for new pages under Service such as Brakes and Rotors, Air Conditioning, Tires and Rims etc…We also want to add content on your Financial pages and Warranty pages and any other relevant page.

We ask you to delegate the responsibility of providing content for these new pages. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the writing. We will wordsmith the content once received.

We also want your feedback on the desired “look and feel” of your new website. We truly are a custom design agency and will discuss with you that we can do anything!

We will send you our Website Implementation Requirements document. This document contains such elements as direction on SEO targeting, where we will automatically pull your inventory from and IDs for dealer partners such as DealerTrack and CarProof.

Also included is domain login information, inventory syndication to third parties, review provider information and iFramed details for links regarding Accessories, Parts or Tires.

From this document, that takes a short period of time for you to fill out, we then take complete control.

During this time our Digital Marketing team will contact you to discuss your paid digital marketing strategy. We will also schedule your monthly EZ Results Academy call whereby we provide guidance on social media, reputation management and many other relevant topics in our EZ Results Academy curriculum.

Once we have finalized the content for all the pages including a large number of new pages and we have included unique Meta Data for each page (very important for SEO) we begin the front end development of the look and feel of your new website and the creation of all website pages in responsive technology.

Then we send you a link to your new development website for your review and we will make any and all applicable revisions.

Now the exciting part…Either you have provided us with admin access to your domain registrar or we simply provide your I.T. contact person with the IP address of your new website and your site begins to propagate. At no time is your site down, for a few hour visitors will either see your old site or your new site.

You know have a website you can truly be proud of and more importantly receive and increased amount of visitors as a result of our specialization in Search Engine Optimization. All site visitors will then enjoy their user experience which will lead to more electronic, phone and walk up leads. This increase in leads ultimately generates more sales and profits for each touch point of your dealership.

Adwords Similar Audiences For Search Campaigns – What Does It Mean

Google has been working hard this year to keep up with advertiser demand for more targeting options.  As more advertisers are using other advertising platforms like Facebook Ads, they have had to become more creative.  That’s where Similar Audiences for Search comes in.

Similar Audience For Search essentially looks at what behaviors your users have been showing while on your site.  Google then tries to match new users who have not been to your site but have the same search behavior.  Not unlike Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, it allows for more flexible advertising. Continue reading “Adwords Similar Audiences For Search Campaigns – What Does It Mean”

What Car Dealers Need to Know About Google Analytics

Most car dealers spend thousands of dollars each month on software that manages their walk-in traffic through CRM’s or other 3rd party software.  Yet when was the last time you looked at the software that monitors your online traffic? If you are one of the few that look at your web traffic on at least a monthly basis, do you know what to look for?

In this article, our goal is to shed some light on why your web traffic is important and what Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) you should be monitoring.

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How Can a Car Dealer Target Its Own Customers in Facebook

Facebook has always been the leader in being able to target potential customers because of their ability to know just about everything about you. Where Google Adwords is able to target by keyword in the search results, Facebook has been able to dive deeper.

Beyond just being able to target by location, age, sex, and interests, you can take your targeting to the next level by only showing your ads to customers that have purchased from you before. Facebook gives you the ability to upload your customer’s email list directly into their platform and display ads to just them.

The advertising implications of this can be used to promote your service specials, lease renewals, sales and promotions or anything else that you just want your customers to see.

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If There Is One Thing You Watch This Week…

If your dealership is doing any kind of digital marketing, we highly recommend watching the most recent Keynote that Gary Vaynerchuk gave at this years CBT Automotive Conference.

During his keynote, Gary talks about the shift to a mobile first society and how you, as dealers, should be adapting to take advantage of its opportunities.

Finding where your customers are spending their time and more importantly, getting their attention is crucial in achieving your ultimate goal of selling more cars. You only need to look at Facebook as the destination and video as the method to achieve that goal.

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