Make It Easy For Your Customers To Contact You

In today’s uber busy world, dealers are looking for ways to make it as easy as possible for customers to connect with them. Potential customers can reach you via phone calls, contact us forms , email, text messaging and now messaging apps. At the end of the day you need to make sure you have the ability to be reached whichever way your customers want to connect with you.

You probably have a good handle on the most common methods but what about messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, What’s App, Google Messenger,  Google Hangouts and now Google Allo to name just a few.

So where should you focus your attention? Should you focus on all of them or just a few of them? More importantly, how should you implement them? To answer those questions, I would look at the platform that has the most opportunity. Enter Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger

Because Facebook Messenger is integrated directly with Facebook on their desktop platform, and as a stand alone app on mobile devices, they have access to over 1 billion active users world wide.  Recently, Facebook rolled out Facebook Messenger For Business making it even easier for businesses to incorporate the chat service into their business.

  • Messenger Greetings

Messenger greetings allows you to customize your greetings for people who are messaging you for the first time. These types of greetings can include the customer’s name along with your website’s address as well as when to expect a response from you.

  • Locate a Business by Name

If you have allowed people to send you private messages via your Facebook page, people will be able to search for your business in the messenger app either by your name or your page’s user name. (Currently only available in the US)

  • Website Integration

Most dealers have either tried or currently use some type of live chat to enhance their customer communication. Using Facebook Messenger can lend a certain amount of familiarity making it easier for customers to want to use the service. That being said there is a growing amount of concern over Facebook’s privacy policies which could actually have the reverse affect.

  • New Advertising Platform

Facebook has also recently rolled out an advertising option where you can send people directly to your Messenger app from your newsfeed ad.  People can view your promotion within Messenger and chat with you right away.

Google My Business (Google Allo)

Google has rolled out a beta program where it is incorporating its new messaging app (Allo) into its Google My Business platform. It will now be possible to chat directly with a business from within Google Search by using your phone  as a text message or Allo.

Although it is still in beta, you can expect this to be rolled out in the new year.

So what now? If you do not currently have live chat on your website, you may want to consider adding it if you feel that you can get value out of Facebook Messenger or simply add it to your VDP page as a Call to Action button.

Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on these messaging apps. Do you see them becoming more integrated into your communications mix?

Why You Need A Facebook Page For Your Business



It’s almost 2017; your business needs a Facebook page! You need to either start thinking about hiring someone to manage and create your business’ page or do some research on your own so you’re able to do it yourself.

According to Facebook’s data, 22 million people are already on Facebook in Canada– and that number is growing daily! That’s 22 million people that you could be reaching through your Facebook account. There are thousands of marketers already ahead of you targeting your consumers just because you refuse to make your organization a page.

Now, if your main argument is that you, yourself, do not have a Facebook account than that isn’t a proper excuse. It’s time for you to bite the bullet and create your organization a Facebook business page!


Advertising on Facebook


Example Of A Clicks To Website Ad
Example Of A Clicks To Website Ad


If you’re thinking to yourself that advertising on Facebook seems troublesome and tedious, it’s not. Facebook gives you many options that allows you to narrow down how you want to advertise to your potential customers and target them through your ads.

Below are a few popular ways to advertise on Facebook:


  1. Clicks to Website

One of the ways you can advertise on Facebook is by using ads to generate clicks to your website. When people click your ad, you can send them to a page on your website that you want to direct them to. This could be your inventory, your home page – whatever you want!


  1. Website conversions

You can track the actions of your website goers; you can see what they did on your website after clicking your Facebook ad. This could mean filling out an application form or subscription list, etc.


  1. App Installs/Engagement

Do you have an app that you want to generate more attention to or get people to use? Well, you can advertise them on Facebook! 19 million people are using their mobile devices to search through Facebook. By choosing this form of advertisements, you can get 1,000’s of new installs.


  1. Video Views

Do you have a video advertisement? Maybe you’re already advertising on television and have a filmed commercial. Well, why not put that on Facebook? Traditional media is slowly dying; 58% of people say that in the future they will likely only use mobile devices to do research. So, why not get a head start and start targeting those consumers!


  1. Page Likes

If your main goal is to bring awareness to your business, you can just advertise your page and generate likes. You can connect with new and old customers and learn more about their wants and needs.


  1. Dynamic Ads

If you’re already advertising on Google AdWords, dynamic ads might sound familiar. If you’re not, dynamic ads allow you to make your ads more targeted and relevant to those you’re trying to reach. These ads show products that the person has already viewed on your website or mobile app; it’s more targeted and can lead to more purchases.


  1. Lead Ads

Do you have a form that you want your customers to fill out? This could be a contact form if they are signing up for your product or if they want to sign up for your newsletter, etc. This form of advertisements makes it easier for you to collect potential customer data and allows you to easily export it.

Advertising on Facebook can also be very cheap; you can run an ad for as little as $5. You just set your daily or lifetime budget and then push your ads out to your potential consumers. You can continue to check back daily or hourly to measure the results.


Increase Online Visibility


A Facebook page is public; anyone can view it. It’s because of this that by having a Facebook page, you’ll be increasing your online visibility and, in turn, be moving yourself up in search engine rankings. Your website will show up higher in Google, Bing, and other popular search engines out there.  All you have to do is continue updating your page with links back to your website and you should continue to stay at the top of the rankings!


I Don’t Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation



Well, you should – and that’s where Facebook can help! Facebook allows you to manage the reputation of your business. Your page is an open forum for your customers to write whatever they want about your organization – but this doesn’t mean that you can’t contact them through the same means. Since they’re on your own turf, you can comment on their page comments and be able to have a conversation with them.

For example, if a previous customer is unhappy with your product or service and writes a bad review on your page, you can easily reply to their review and ask them to contact you to solve whatever problem they’re having. Facebook makes it easy for you to take the conversation off the page and into their private inbox.


Let’s Sum This Up


Hopefully you have come to the realization that having a Facebook page can bring a lot of attention to your company. No matter if you’re a small, medium, or large organization, having a Facebook page will benefit you in many ways. It allows you to advertise to a whole new market, allows you to move up in search engine rankings, and even allows you to manage your reputation – and that is just the start of the opportunities that Facebook business pages bring!

Give it a try and tell us how it goes.

Verifying Your Twitter Account

If you start seeing a lot more blue check marks on your twitter feed, it’s because Twitter has now made becoming verified easier.

Varified example

Users of Twitter can now request to have their account verified. By doing so, they can get a blue check mark which confirms that your account is not a hoax or parody account. This feature is ideal for celebrities and organizations so that their twitter followers can trust them. Verified users are also given the ability to ignore those who are not apart of the verified twitter-verse if they so choose. This allows the person or company to ignore harassing messages or spam accounts. While there are perks to getting your account verified, you must first go through the verification process.

Starting the Verification Process

Now that the option to verify your account is open to the public, it can easily be done through the help center under ‘Managing Your Account’.  Once on the page, on the left side, the option to verify your account should be clearly visible. This is where you start your journey to becoming a verified user.

It must be noted that, even though Twitter has now opened up their application process to the public, the requirements to becoming verified still have not changed. You need to still go through the process of filling out:

    • A cell phone number so that they can text a verification code
    • A confirmed email address
    • A reasoning that is less than 500 characters as to why you deserve to be verified
    • A profile photo
    • A header photo
    • A birthday (for accounts that are not company, brand, or organization accounts)
    • A link to 2-5 websites that can verify the reasoning behind you becoming verified
    • Tweets set as public in Tweet privacy settings


You’ve Completed Your Application

The process of filling this information out shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes. There is nothing overly complicated or any trick questions to stump you. Once you fill out all the information asked of you, your application is sent to Twitter for it to be reviewed. You should then be directed to a Thank You page which will mark the start of the next process: waiting.

Thank You - Twitter Verification Process

While the application process is now open to the public, it does not necessarily mean that your account will be verified. If it so happens that your application gets denied, there is no need to fret; you can try applying again in 30 days.

For more information about the twitter application process, please check out their support page.

Do You Have A Case Of Internet Trolls?




Because of the anonymity that the internet offers, people have become braver when communicating online. Hiding behind a computer screen allows those to feel that they can safely harass those on social media platforms without any repercussions. So, it should come as no surprise if a troll shows up in your comments.


Some Cases of Trolling Over the Years


Ever heard of Gamergate? Gamergate was an extreme case of trolling back in 2013. In this case, a woman named Zoe Quinn was trolled by gamers who thought that females did not belong in the gaming community. Quinn was a game developer who was bombarded by nasty comments online, got many death threats, and even had her home address published by a troll who went too far.

The trolling didn’t stop with just her though. Those part of the Gamergate movement also targeted the women who tried to defend Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian.  Sarkessian got rape and death threats and was on the receiving end of an online computer game titled Beat Up Anita Sarkessian. The game allowed players to click the picture of Sarkessian until she was bloodied up.

Not every case of trolling is as harmful as Gamergate though. A minor case of trolling could be seen through the online commenting of Ken M. You’ve probably seen a comment on a social media post in which you’ve thought “People can’t be this stupid, right? They have to be kidding?” Well, maybe you’re familiar with Ken’s posts then.

Ken M is as famous to even have his own Subbredit forum. People post daily pictures of Ken M’s comments and laugh about how people actually take him seriously. These posts can be found here.





 How Do I Deal With A Troll?


The one thing you can do is ignore them. If you acknowledge an existence of a troll they will just continue to say mean and hurtful things about you or your company. By choosing not to reply, they won’t know that you’re reading their comments are bothered by what they’re saying. Ignoring leads to the possibility of them getting bored and moving onto the next person to annoy.

Another thing you can do is block those who are harassing you. Twitter has always given its users the option to block other users that they deemed were sending nasty messages or spamming them. But it was only until just recently that Instagram has added in a feature that allow its users to filter words or phrases which offend them in their comment sections. They can also make it so that specific users that they choose to block cannot comment on their posts.

Lastly, you can choose to message these trolls and see exactly what is bothering them. Maybe by listening to them and hearing them out you can stop them from continuously bombarding your Facebook or Twitter page. That’s all it takes sometimes;  by making a personal connection with them, it could get them to go away for good.


In The End


Trolls are just regular people on the internet; you cannot fear them. If you run a popular business, you will most likely come in contact with one troll. Just remember that you have more credibility than them and people will trust your words instead of theirs.


How Instagram Plans On Helping You Run Your Business


What The Instagram Business Tools Add


The Instagram app allows its users to post pictures so that their followers can view, like, or comment. Businesses have used this tactic since the application came out. They were able to share their products on their accounts as a way to get their followers to know about their products, their sales, and more. Now that Instagram has realized the potential of this, the tools that they have created can truly change the way that businesses do advertising on Instagram.

One of the new updates that Instagram has is that businesses can now have a ‘contact us’ button placed on their profile. This means that customers can now communicate with the organization directly if they want to. This tool allows the customer to skip going to the companies’ website and can communicate directly with the business. They can now easily tap on the contact button instead of having to actively search the website of the product to get information. The company can choose the way in which they would prefer the customer to contact them either through email, chat, or text.


Instagram will also now offer insights on specific posts. You can see how many impressions your picture got, how many people it reached, and how many people engaged with it. You will also be able to get more details on who your followers are and what they like. This could mean finding out details such as their age, the time in which your followers are most logged in at, and where they live. All this can be done just through your mobile Instagram app.

Thanks to these new tools you can now promote your most popular Instagram photos. If you see a post is getting a lot of attention and generating more sales you can easily broadcast it to those outside of your follower count. Not only that but you can also include a call to action in your post, making it so that those who like the picture could be brought to your website, book a stay, etc.


Instagram’s new business tools have the potential to help any business reach the audience they are trying to connect with. Do you think that you could use them in the future to help your company? Tell us your thoughts below!