: : JUNE 2009 : :

The Ontario Automobile Dealer Association (OADA) and EZ Results Inc
Sign Partnership Agreement

On June 15th, 2009, the OADA and EZ Results Inc signed a partnership agreement that will provide OADA members with a wealth of services to significantly improve both their online presence and operational tools.

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The Ontario Automobile Dealer Association (OADA) and EZ Results Inc Sign Partnership Agreement

On June 15th, 2009, the OADA and EZ Results Inc signed a partnership agreement that will provide OADA members with a wealth of services to significantly improve both their online presence and operational tools.

Over the past two years the OADA has been aggressively researching partnerships with companies that offer value-added products and services to OADA members at discounted pricing. “We are pleased to able to add EZ Results Inc to our expanding list of valued marketing partners on behalf of new automobile dealers in Ontario” stated Geoff Wilkinson, Executive Director, OADA. “We strongly feel that our members must look to improve their web presence and more effectively capture and manage the contact information from today’s informed web user” adds Wilkinson.

With the prominent position online marketing has now taken from more traditional media new car dealers are embracing this new media very aggressively. It is now very clear that a dealer’s own web site can be a very powerful tool in marketing ones image, generating qualified leads and more importantly converting those into sales. The internet has emerged to become an integral tool for dealers to advertising both sales and service.

“EZ Results is very pleased to be participating in the OADA marketing partnership program. Exposure to the OADA members through the program allows EZ Results to market to OADA members with the credibility that our services have been thoroughly vetted by OADA” stated Dan Drolet, President of EZ Results. Mr. Drolet went to say “Given the recent challenges faced by the automotive industry we strongly feel that the need for cutting edge custom web sites, search engine optimization and the ability to capture all points of contact into a browser based CRM will have a significant impact on a dealer’s sales and profitability”.

EZ Results Inc is an Ontario based company that provides automotive marketing solutions that bridge the technology gap for many dealerships. Ez Results’ suite of products and services include Custom Web Site Design, Search Engine Optimization (SE0), Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) and its proprietary browser based CRM. Included with its CRM is its Desking Tool which empowers a used car manager to desk a sub-prime customer in seconds. EZ Results products and services are enhanced by integrations with Auto Data, Dealer Track, Auto Trader, Boost Motor Group, Black Book and sub-prime lenders such as VFC, SDA and Carfinco.

For more information please visit or contact Dan Drolet at 416-279-1622 or 1-877-739-8587 or by email at The OADA serves the interests of 550 new automobile dealers in Ontario. For information on the OADA visit our website at or contact Janet Carr at (905) 752-1344 or by email at


: : MARCH 2008 : :

“EZ Results is proud to offer DealerTrack Canada’s WebSite Plus product with all websites. WebSite Plus is an online credit application that allows dealerships to efficiently gather qualified leads through their websites and securely submit them directly into the DealerTrack platform.

Website Plus provides a secure channel that protects the dealer’s customers. The credit application pages are hosted on the DealerAccess site but white labeled to look like the dealer’s site.

For information on pricing and set up, please feel free to visit or speak to your local representative.”


: : January 2008 : :

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CRM Beta Phase
EZ Results is proud to announce the launch of its CRM into Beta Phase. Several dealers have agreed to participate in the Beta Testing Phase.


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November 2007 : :

AutoTrader Integration
EZ Results is proud to be the first web provider in Canada to be integrated with AutoTrader.

Dealer Track Integration
EZ Results’ CRM tool integrates with DealerTrack. Dealer Track is a leading provider of on-demand software and data solutions for the automotive retail industry in Canada and the United States. DealerTrack utilizes the Internet to link automotive dealers with banks, finance companies, credit unions and other financing sources, and other service and information providers, such as the major credit reporting agencies.

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: : October 2007 : :

Carpages Integration is Canada's most intuitive car shopping website. Carpages has grown to become one of the most comprehensive online car shopping portals in Canada, offering a large searchable used vehicle inventory, new car reviews, comparison tools, a vehicle pricing engine, a dealer locator, and much more. is a division of Autopath Technologies Inc. a fully Canadian owned and operated company.

RouteOne Integration
EZ Results’ CRM tool integrates with RouteOne. RouteOne is a web-based credit application management system developed by the finance arms of DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Toyota in early 2002 to better meet the needs of dealers.

OnPhone Chosen for Call Tracking and Media Measurement
EZ Results chooses OnPhone for Call Tracking and other Media Measurement. OnPhone’s Advanced Call Tracking and Media Measurement tools determine the effectiveness of current advertising campaigns. OnPhone places dedicated Toll-Free numbers in each media source and provides detailed reports that indicate which source is generating the greatest results. All reports are accessible online in real time.

: : September 2007 : :

EZ Results and DFX Industry Release Party

: : August 2007 : :

eVox Integration

EZ Results has teamed up with eVox Productions, the leading provider of interactive automotive imaging, to bring high quality automotive images to dealership web sites, easily and affordably. The high quality interactive images in eVox's Automotive Image Library (TM) (AIL) will be combined with EZ Results’ E-Brochures to help attract and retain auto shoppers to dealer web sites. The AIL(TM) includes interactive 360 degree images and still images of the interior and exterior, as well as a profile image of each vehicle in all available colors. This will enable online auto shoppers to view virtually every detail of the vehicles from dashboards to door handles.

Canadian Black Book Integration
EZ Results is proud to announce the integration of Canadian Black Book data into its products. Providing current and accurate automobile pricing information for over 40 years, Canadian Black Book is the #1 trusted source and standard by which vehicle values are determined in Canada.

: : July 2007 : :

EZ Results new alliance with RNCREATIVE Marketing
EZ Results, a leader in the automotive solutions industry, started a new alliance with RNCREATIVE for e-Markeing initiatives improving even further client results.

Chrome Systems Integration
EZ Results has chosen Chrome as its vehicle data provider. Chrome Systems pioneered electronic vehicle configuration more than 20 years ago and continues to be a leader in the industry. Chrome collects, standardizes and enhances raw automotive data and delivers it in ways that are both easy to use and tailored for a specific market. Industry-leading studies by CNW Market/Research consistently concluded Chrome's data was the most accurate information on the Web. Chrome’s vehicle data is used on more than 2,000 Web sites and helps drive car loans for more than 500 financial institutions.

: : May 2007 : :

Industry Alliance Created with DFX
Dealer Finance Experts make Special Finance Management simple. As Canada’s premier special finance training company, DFX will successfully set up a profitable department in your dealership using hands-on techniques, strategic processes and innovative marketing concepts.

As a special finance training company it is imperative to develop strategic alliances with leading edge web design companies who will support our clients’ needs of CRM software management, key word advertising campaigns and Search Engine Optimization support. EZ –Results has created numerous success stories for DFX and its clients.

DFX Inc. currently partners with Franchise Automotive Dealers and utilizes EZ-Results services to support the newly created Special Finance departments. EZ Results provides exceptional creative consultation and consistently produces modern designs with the highest levels of functionality.

Increasing traffic flow to the dealership is the most prominent obstacle in the industry today. EZ Results has a team dedicated to managing individual on-line marketing and advertising campaigns. Monthly conference calls to ensure the campaigns are working effectively keep the dealers informed.

If you are looking for leading edge services, professional products, and highly qualified leads to sell more cars and make more money. EZ Results is the company to contact!

DFX would like to thank EZ Results for supporting the needs of our clients and creating the strategic alliance that has made the launch of our business a tremendous success!

Dealer Finance Experts

Rackspace Manages EZ Results’ Hosting
EZ Results names Rackspace as its Server Provider. Rackspace Managed Hosting is a recognized leader in the global managed hosting market and delivers enterprise-level managed services to businesses around the world.

Website Launch
EZ Results has launched its new website!

: : April 2007 : :

EZ Results Has a New Home 

EZ Results, a leader in the automotive solutions industry, set up its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. Providing cutting edge web design, a complete CRM system and a revolutionary finance desking tool, EZ Results is the complete solution to a dealership’s needs. With fully customizable reports, Search Engine Marketing services and much more, EZ Results comprehensive program increases leads, sales and profits.