How To Setup Your Google Places Page

To reach consumers in your local market, it is essential that your business can be found in organic search results. One of the easiest ways to do this is by setting up your Google Places page. Since Google recently launched many new changes to its search results, the map listings are now integrated with the organic search results, with many Place pages ranking near the top of the results page. Plus, in addition to giving you a boost in your organic search traffic, setting up your Google Place page helps you make sure your business information is visible and accurate to consumers searching for your products and services. Follow these simple steps to get your Google Place page set up and optimized in as easily as possible!

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How to Optimize Your Google Places Page

1. Make sure your Google Places Page is 100% Complete.
Your Places page isn’t exactly “Optimized” if Google itself is telling you you’re missing some of the basics.

2. Make sure you get at least 5 Google reviews from your customers
Your average customer-review rating will then show up on your Places page and on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

3. Get DOUBLE sets of average-review stars.
You can do this by adding at least one customer testimonial to your website in what’s called hReview microformat (we will be able to do this for you). Basically, hReview is a type of code you can use to tell Google “Hey, this is a testimonial from one of my customers…pay attention to it!” Having just one set of golden stars show up in the search results can boost your click-through rate; having two sets of can drive even more clicks from potential customers.

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