EZ Results Partners with Evox Productions

EZ Results has teamed up with eVox Productions, the leading provider of interactive automotive imaging, to bring high quality automotive images to dealership web sites, easily and affordably. The high quality interactive images in eVox’s Automotive Image Library (TM) (AIL) will be combined with EZ Results’ E-Brochures to help attract and retain auto shoppers to dealer web sites. The AIL(TM) includes interactive 360 degree images and still images of the interior and exterior, as well as a profile image of each vehicle in all available colors. This will enable online auto shoppers to view virtually every detail of the vehicles from dashboards to door handles.

About EZ Results

EZ Results is Canada’s fastest growing automotive marketing company providing Website Development, Search Engine Marketing and Customer Relationship Management Tools. EZ Results builds partnerships with both franchise and independent dealerships to offer best in class solutions to help them grow their business. For more information about EZ Results, visit www.ez-results.ca.

About eVox Productions

eVox Productions is an international company with imaging studios in Los Angeles, Detroit, New York and London. Founded in 1995, eVox’s reputation for leading edge interactive imaging has positioned them as the premier supplier of VR content for the Web. eVox has produced unique imaging solutions for a broad array of consumer and industrial products representing many of today’s most recognized brands and numerous Fortune 500 clients.

eVox’s Custom Studios provides unlimited possibilities in interactive photography through creative imaging solutions. When eBusiness Web sites or databases require high volume 3D and 2D product photography, the Product Imaging Factory(TM) will consistently provide high quality imaging at a low cost. The eVox Vehicle Imaging Factory(TM) offers exclusive and branded content from a comprehensive library of high quality automobile images — including interior and exterior 360-degree views and detail still shots. For automobiles and other products, ShootAround Maxx(TM) photography services deliver still images from multiple angles, heights and lenses, and dramatically expand the functionality of images. For more information on Evox, please visit www.evox.com.