How Can a Car Dealer Target Its Own Customers in Facebook

Facebook has always been the leader in being able to target potential customers because of their ability to know just about everything about you. Where Google Adwords is able to target by keyword in the search results, Facebook has been able to dive deeper.

Beyond just being able to target by location, age, sex, and interests, you can take your targeting to the next level by only showing your ads to customers that have purchased from you before. Facebook gives you the ability to upload your customer’s email list directly into their platform and display ads to just them.

The advertising implications of this can be used to promote your service specials, lease renewals, sales and promotions or anything else that you just want your customers to see.

Want to know more? Let’s dive in.

First, log into your Facebook Business Manager and select your account. Then click on Ads Manager and Create Campaign.

Next, choose your objective. In our example we want to generate leads for our service department so we will select Conversions.

Name your Campaign and select continue.

Next, name your Ad Set Name.

Select your Conversion Pixel.

Go To Custom Audience and click “Create New”.

Next, select Custom File.

Select Choose a File or Copy and Paste Data.

Click Upload File and select your CSV ot TXT document.

Finally, name your audience by clicking the Audience Name option.

After that, you have finished! Facebook will now try to match your email list with Facebook users.

Once you have completed those steps you can continue on building out your ad campaign like you normally would.

Now you can show ads to your customers and do the following:


  • Get more likes to your page
  • Expand your post reach
  • Target customers coming off lease
  • Target customers based on service/maintenance schedules
  • Target sales based on previous purchases
  • Create a Lookalike Audience that targets people with similar interests to your current customers.


The possibilities are endless when you think about all the different audiences that can be created from your email list.

Thinking about implementing this strategy? Let us know in the comments how you could use Custom Audiences to target your customers.