Facebook Marketplace Makes Car Buying Better

What started out as a simple classified ads platform, has morphed into the preferred marketplace and e-commerce networks. With 19 million Canadian users on Facebook, it’s no wonder we want to take advantage of this opportunity!

In an interview with Facebook Product Manager Bowen Pan, he stated: “We noticed that auto is one of the most popular categories on Marketplace with millions of North-Americans looking at cars and vehicle listings every day.”

So here’s how it works. Shoppers access listings by using their browser or the app, the latter being most impactful. Consequently, vehicle posts created on WebManager are always Mobile Optimized. In-Market users can browse your inventory at their leisure. Keeping convenience at the top of the social media priority list, dealers can take advantage of Facebook Messenger and WebManager Chat. You no longer have to worry if you lost a potential lead due to lengthy response times.

The benefits don’t end there! WebManager has many features outside of chat and posting. We can utilize its reporting abilities to track and maintain leads and other interactions. With an unlimited listing allowance, you are sure to increase your vehicle visibility. 

The most important benefit of all is trust. Users trust Facebook with their information, hence the level of trust that all content on the app is not crossing over into Craigslist territory.

According to CBT News, scamming is much more difficult on Facebook. Buyers and sellers can see each other’s public profiles. Couple this with a secure payment feature and the choice is easy. Reach your buyers where they are and respond in real-time.

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