Google Adwords Announces Expanded Text Ads, Device Bidding and Responsive Display Ads


At the Google Performance Summit in May, it was announced that Google would be launching a number of new and exciting Adwords changes. Those changes were finally released today for us to test and implement.

Included in those changes are extra long text ads , device bidding and responsive display ads.

Expanded Text Ads

Extra long text ads with double headlines or Expanded Text Ads (ETA’s) now offer 2 headlines each up to 30 characters and a description line up to 80 characters allowing advertisers more flexibility with their ad copy and message.  These expanded ads were specifically designed by Google to generate an uplift in mobile advertising where results have shown to have an increase of 20% in CTR.

Google Adwords Expanded Text Ads
Google Adwords Expanded Text Ads

Prior to launching your updated text ads, we recommend you use the ad preview tool to ensure you can see all the text and they do not get truncated.  Google has released a Best Practice Guide for the new Expanded Text Ads.

Not included in the guide but should also be considered as best practices are:

  1. Write a new headline. Don’t just add text to your current one.
  2. Include your most important message in your headline
  3. Google may truncate your second headline so make sure your message is easily found in your first headline.
  4. Conduct a split a/b test on your new ETA’s and your standard ads to see which ones perform the best
  5.  Use 2 fifteen-character path fields to append to your display URL to improve your CTR.


Device Bidding

Starting today, you can begin setting bid adjustments for mobile, tablet and/or desktop whereas before you could only set adjustments for mobile. In addition, enhanced campaigns would target all devices. Now you have more customization as to how you want to enhance tablets, mobile or computers.

In conjunction with Device Bidding, Google is also pushing its automated bidding tools (Target CPA)— now under the umbrella of Smart Bidding. Smart Bidding can take into account millions of signals to help determine the optimal bid for a keyword while maximizing your marketing dollars.

Assuming you have 30 or more conversions per month, Smart Bidding might be a great solution for automated bidding.


Responsive Display Ads

Starting today it is now even easier to create a responsive display ad. Google will auto-generate from a headline, description, image and URL provided by the you that can be served across the Google Display Network (GDN) or native ad inventory.

Dynamic Responsive Display Ads
Dynamic Responsive Display Ads