How Instagram Plans On Helping You Run Your Business


The Instagram app allows its users to post pictures so that their followers can view, like, or comment. Businesses have used this tactic since the application came out. They were able to share their products on their accounts as a way to get their followers to know about their products, their sales, and more. Now that Instagram has realized the potential of this, the tools that they have created can truly change the way that businesses do advertising on Instagram.

One of the new updates that Instagram has is that businesses can now have a ‘contact us’ button placed on their profile. This means that customers can now communicate with the organization directly if they want to. This tool allows the customer to skip going to the companies’ website and can communicate directly with the business. They can now easily tap on the contact button instead of having to actively search the website of the product to get information. The company can choose the way in which they would prefer the customer to contact them either through email, chat, or text.


Instagram will also now offer insights on specific posts. You can see how many impressions your picture got, how many people it reached, and how many people engaged with it. You will also be able to get more details on who your followers are and what they like. This could mean finding out details such as their age, the time in which your followers are most logged in at, and where they live. All this can be done just through your mobile Instagram app.

Thanks to these new tools you can now promote your most popular Instagram photos. If you see a post is getting a lot of attention and generating more sales you can easily broadcast it to those outside of your follower count. Not only that but you can also include a call to action in your post, making it so that those who like the picture could be brought to your website, book a stay, etc.


Instagram’s new business tools have the potential to help any business reach the audience they are trying to connect with. Do you think that you could use them in the future to help your company? Tell us your thoughts below!