If There Is One Thing You Watch This Week…

If your dealership is doing any kind of digital marketing, we highly recommend watching the most recent Keynote that Gary Vaynerchuk gave at this years CBT Automotive Conference.

During his keynote, Gary talks about the shift to a mobile first society and how you, as dealers, should be adapting to take advantage of its opportunities.

Finding where your customers are spending their time and more importantly, getting their attention is crucial in achieving your ultimate goal of selling more cars. You only need to look at Facebook as the destination and video as the method to achieve that goal.

Because Facebook is still an affordable advertising solution and it knows basically everything about you, it only makes sense to invest your advertising dollars in that space.  Around the 13:10 minute mark, Gary explains what he would do if he owned a dealership.

It may surprise you to hear his thoughts on Facebook advertising and influencer marketing however we believe there is a lot of truth to what he is saying. Today’s dealer needs to not only be a new and or used car dealer but a media company as well both producing and amplifying their content to people who are actually in the market to buy a car.

If you would like to learn more about how Facebook can help you sell more cars, feel free to reach out.