Everything You Need To Know About Instagram #REELS

Facebook’s Instagram launched its answer to the hit short video app TikTok — Instagram Reels. This feature allows users to upload or record and edit 15-second videos with audio with options effects. and will let users add visual effects.

Keeping your clientele engaged on social media is becoming more and more popular, and sometimes oversaturated. Don’t let your absence from social platforms impact your sales! We urge you all to couple a social media presence with paid advertising and SEO efforts. It is important to understand that social media advertising will help you stand out in more ways than one. Not only will you reach new customers online, but you can meet customers where they are at.

Millennials (aged 24-39) are tech-reliant and often head to the internet with their questions. If they can’t find you, the likelihood of them connecting with you is slim to none. #REELS is a great way to tap into this knowledgeable and influential demographic.

Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of Instagram Reels:

1. Repurpose your vides

You don’t have to make a new video every time you post a Reel on Instagram. It’s a great way to reuse walk-arounds, monthly incentives and other video ads. We’re all for working smarter, not harder! 
Try adding visual and audio effects to grab your viewer’s attention.

2. Share a quick tip or a tutorial

Tips and tutorials are great for engagement purposes, users are more likely to stick around for the whole thing! Give your audiences a reason to follow you by sharing something informative or educational.

3. Maintain transparency
Keep your community and staff safe without sacrificing personal connections. #REELS can allow for behind-the-scenes insights that tell your brand story in a fun and creative way. Take your followers on a video tour around your dealership. Showcase your team and let the world know what safety precautions are in place at your dealership.

4. Take advantage of user-generated content

People love feeling included! Try using more videos and pictures of your customers, with their consent of course. Drive-up engagement rates while showcasing your inventory, services and happy customers.

5. Monitor your performance

Don’t rely on assumptions, optimize your social media strategy by staying engaged and reviewing your Instagram Insights. It’s crucial that you keep track of your performance to find out what’s working and what’s not. 

6. Engage back!

You can’t expect great engagement from others if you often go missing after you post content on Instagram. Whether it be #REELS, a story, or a post to the feed, you should always engage with others to boost your performance. Go on a liking spree and leave comments on other pages with similar content.

Shooting Vehicle Walk-Arounds


Put yourself in the shoes of your next customers. The vehicle walk-around is the most important part of the sales experience, especially in times like these. Your target audience is in need of a car, take advantage of their attention and create an overwhelming desire to own the car you’re showing. The whole purpose of a walk-around is to inform and excite your client, so film every vehicle walk-around like it’s your last! A great way to start is by reassuring and rewarding your viewer, letting them know they’ve made a great choice to look at this vehicle while they research their purchase options. It won’t hurt to mention any recent awards and accolades the vehicle has received in your opening as well. Introducing yourself and your dealership along with any relevant promotions should be the anchor of every video intro.

Here’s an example:

  1. “Tony here, from ______ Kia! You’ve made a great decision to explore the (model of choice), 
  2. “It has been awarded best selling sedan for 5 years in a row!”  OR “This is the most reliable car in its class according to JD Powers!” 
  3. “Luckily for you, this model comes with a $2000 clearance bonus at our dealership!”

Now that your intro is out of the way, it’s time to start moving. We always recommend using a stabilizer for your camera or phone. Feel free to use either device to film and go for the highest quality device you can access. If you wish to complete your vehicle walk around in one continuous shot, then this diagram is for you:


Based on the diagram above, you should be spending about 70% of your recording time walking backwards. Choose your key features (tires, trunk space, navigation, rear seats etc.) and map them out. Now that you know what your focus points are, use your winning personality to guide your viewer through to each spot. Remember to alternate between high and low shots as well as wide and tight shots. It should be one fluid motion, so we highly recommend a few dry runs before filming! Once all features are explained, close with a call to action and the best way to contact your team. If they have made it this far, the experience was enjoyable and your contact will be the last detail in their mind. Feel free to place your contact information via text overlay throughout your videos as well. Don’t forget to let them know what additional services or products are available for this winning vehicle if they purchase it from you.

Always remember, this might be your 150th walk around video, but this will likely be your client’s very first! You don’t need to rhyme off every feature that is included in the chosen vehicle, sell your trustworthiness, enthusiasm and commitment to safety. A great walk around will sell more cars and earn you more car sales commission.

Why Mobile First?

Why mobile-first?

In today’s modern world, we have to accept that most consumers are interacting with businesses from their mobile phones. There are exceptions to every rule, however, mobile-first functionality is undoubtedly an integral part of maximizing conversions for spend.

Mobile-first optimization simply means that we prioritize Google’s mobile algorithm over its predecessor, the desktop. Fast load times, content quality and page relevance are just a few of the factors that determine where and how you reach your next customer.

Think about it, when you are living your day to day life, what is the thing that you have by your side the most? If you need to prepare for today’s weather, there’s an app for that, if you want to see how many calories you just burned, there’s an app for that. And if you are hoping to make a large purchase, like a home, laptop or car, you’ll probably use every app you can think of to do your research. 

It’s no surprise that consumers spent 1.6 trillion hours on their mobile devices in the first half of 2020, up considerably from the same period a year earlier, according to a report from mobile data and analytics provider App Annie.

It’s understandable to think that mobile engagement has just been inflated due to stay at home orders, and that is partially true. Look at it this way, COVID-19 will be a distant memory one day, but business communications and consumer behaviour have changed forever. So many users are forming new habits, making this the optimal time to deliver a new ad or brand message. It has never been more important to ensure that your dealership doesn’t get lost in the crowd as the automotive industry moves toward e-commerce and digital advertising.

EZ-Results ensures that our client’s digital presence is optimized in every way possible. Get in touch with us to discuss further mobile engagement opportunities including Google My Business set-up and Call-Only campaigns.

Facebook Marketplace: Vehicle Requirements

Do you want to learn more about how Facebook makes selling cars easier? Dealers can list their used vehicle inventory on Marketplace to reach more people on Facebook and here’s how:

  • Listings appear to people where they’re already browsing vehicle listings.
  • You can respond quickly to questions with Facebook Messenger or a short instant form, depending on location.
  • You can show info like price, model and mileage.
  • You can reach people with listings specially formatted for phones.

In order to efficiently manage your used car inventory, it is best to work with one Marketplace Inventory Partner to show listings on Facebook. According to Facebook Business Centre, working with more than one partner may result in fewer leads overall from Marketplace.

It is important the following information:

  • Dealerships can’t list new cars but can list certified pre-owned inventory.
  • Dealership listings will appear only on Marketplace, not on a Facebook Page (unless deliberately shared to a Page).
  • Car purchases can’t be made directly on Marketplace. Marketplace just connects buyers and sellers.
  • Dealership listings will appear with individual sellers’ listings on Marketplace, but buyers can filter between dealership or individual listings when they search for vehicles.
  • By default, Marketplace shows listings within 40 miles of a person’s location. People can change this setting as needed when they search for vehicles.

If you aren’t doing so already, your dealership can use your marketplace inventory to run automotive inventory ads:

Deliver ads to people who want to see them. With automotive inventory ads, you can automatically serve up ads with real-time availability and pricing to people based on vehicles they show intent to purchase.

Reach people across devices. Your ads will appear on web and mobile, regardless of the device they used to originally see your product.

Your campaigns are always on. Your campaigns are automatically set to reach people with the right inventory at the right time, based on the actions they take on your website or app.

Staying Connected to Your Community

Communication Internet Of - Free image on Pixabay
How COVID-19 has changed the way we sell

Time’s are changing, and EZ-Results is here to help you adapt. There has been immense progression within the automotive industry over the last few months. We are so proud to see how the automotive community has banded together at a time when we need it more.

In the wake of COVID-19, many of us have been forced to rely on digital connections. It has been an adjustment, certainly, some argue that car buying will never be the same, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Optimizing your digital presence is a win-win for all. Keeping potential customers in the loop can be painless. For example, inventory feeds will allow your inventory to be displayed prominently and accurately. Or Google My Business can let your customers accurately track changes to your hours of operation. Studies show that customers are ready and primed for the online buying experience. Who could resist online demos, sales and support, valet-style maintenance service, test drives and more? It’s likely that as restrictions lift, we will continue to see improved engagement in online platforms. In the age of information and technology, consumers want to rest assured that they are armed with knowledge when purchasing big-ticket items.

Powerful advertising platforms are allowing us to reimagine the way we sell cars. We believe platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Google My Business, and Instagram should be a part of your short and long term business plan. The internet allows us to work smarter, not harder. It allows us to free up time for the things that matter most, all while connecting us to the entire world! The possibilities are endless on the web, and we often take these resources for granted.

We wanted to stop by to say, sometimes uncertainty brings clarity. If you look hard enough, there’s always a silver lining. Stay ahead of the curve, and embrace change, always.

Stay safe, and be well!