Verifying Your Twitter Account

If you start seeing a lot more blue check marks on your twitter feed, it’s because Twitter has now made becoming verified easier.

Varified example

Users of Twitter can now request to have their account verified. By doing so, they can get a blue check mark which confirms that your account is not a hoax or parody account. This feature is ideal for celebrities and organizations so that their twitter followers can trust them. Verified users are also given the ability to ignore those who are not apart of the verified twitter-verse if they so choose. This allows the person or company to ignore harassing messages or spam accounts. While there are perks to getting your account verified, you must first go through the verification process.

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How To Incorporate Pokémon Go In Your Business Strategy

Pokémon Go has officially been out for a month and it is still generating hype around the world. Users spend an average of 43 minutes, 23 seconds a day trying to Catch ‘Em All. This means that Pokémon Go’s usage is higher than Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Messenger. It has topped the charts in Apple’s iTunes store for weeks and is even advertised on the front page. While the success of the App is great for  Niantic, the creator of the app,  you must be wondering how Pokémon Go’s success could benefit you and your business.

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Google Adwords Announces Expanded Text Ads, Device Bidding and Responsive Display Ads


At the Google Performance Summit in May, it was announced that Google would be launching a number of new and exciting Adwords changes. Those changes were finally released today for us to test and implement.

Included in those changes are extra long text ads , device bidding and responsive display ads.

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