How Can a Car Dealer Target Its Own Customers in Facebook

Facebook has always been the leader in being able to target potential customers because of their ability to know just about everything about you. Where Google Adwords is able to target by keyword in the search results, Facebook has been able to dive deeper.

Beyond just being able to target by location, age, sex, and interests, you can take your targeting to the next level by only showing your ads to customers that have purchased from you before. Facebook gives you the ability to upload your customer’s email list directly into their platform and display ads to just them.

The advertising implications of this can be used to promote your service specials, lease renewals, sales and promotions or anything else that you just want your customers to see.

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If There Is One Thing You Watch This Week…

If your dealership is doing any kind of digital marketing, we highly recommend watching the most recent Keynote that Gary Vaynerchuk gave at this years CBT Automotive Conference.

During his keynote, Gary talks about the shift to a mobile first society and how you, as dealers, should be adapting to take advantage of its opportunities.

Finding where your customers are spending their time and more importantly, getting their attention is crucial in achieving your ultimate goal of selling more cars. You only need to look at Facebook as the destination and video as the method to achieve that goal.

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How Instagram Plans On Helping You Run Your Business


The Instagram app allows its users to post pictures so that their followers can view, like, or comment. Businesses have used this tactic since the application came out. They were able to share their products on their accounts as a way to get their followers to know about their products, their sales, and more. Now that Instagram has realized the potential of this, the tools that they have created can truly change the way that businesses do advertising on Instagram.

One of the new updates that Instagram has is that businesses can now have a ‘contact us’ button placed on their profile. This means that customers can now communicate with the organization directly if they want to. This tool allows the customer to skip going to the companies’ website and can communicate directly with the business. They can now easily tap on the contact button instead of having to actively search the website of the product to get information. The company can choose the way in which they would prefer the customer to contact them either through email, chat, or text.

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What The 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey Tells Us

Darren Shaw from Whitespark recently released presented his analysis of the top 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors on behalf of Moz. These factors influence where your business ranks when customers are searching Google locally.

Since there are so many factors at play here, we’re here to help break everything down for you!

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Website Awarded 1st Place for Central Canada

EZ Results client, Bessada Kia, was awarded 1st Place for Central Canada on the Kia Canada Centre of Excellence baseline website review.  It is very rewarding to the team to have one of its clients recognized so positively by their OEM. The goal of the Kia Centre of Excellence Program is “to ensure the best online experience possible for our customers.” – Kia Canada


The EZ Development Team works closely with each OEM and their designated agency regarding their website specifications. In the case of Kia Canada, when their new Guidelines were announced, the EZ team thoroughly reviewed the standards in order to gain a full understanding of the criteria being used to review their Kia clients’ sites.


EZ Results was proactive in making all changes applicable to design, content and overall digital presence adhering to the key factors identified in the Centre of Excellence.  In addition direction was then provided on any elements the dealer can only do themselves, such as specific guidelines on how photos of the inventory must be taken regarding and social media management.


Keeping an open line of communication with Kia Canada’s agency allows EZ Results to achieve their goal for their existing Kia clients to receive exceptionally high marks.


EZ Results prides itself in exceeding their clients’ expectations.  With clients representing most OEMs, EZ Results welcomes the opportunity of becoming a valued service provider for many more dealers across Canada.