What The 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey Tells Us

Darren Shaw from Whitespark recently released presented his analysis of the top 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors on behalf of Moz. These factors influence where your business ranks when customers are searching Google locally.

Since there are so many factors at play here, we’re here to help break everything down for you!

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Website Awarded 1st Place for Central Canada

EZ Results client, Bessada Kia, was awarded 1st Place for Central Canada on the Kia Canada Centre of Excellence baseline website review.  It is very rewarding to the team to have one of its clients recognized so positively by their OEM. The goal of the Kia Centre of Excellence Program is “to ensure the best online experience possible for our customers.” – Kia Canada


The EZ Development Team works closely with each OEM and their designated agency regarding their website specifications. In the case of Kia Canada, when their new Guidelines were announced, the EZ team thoroughly reviewed the standards in order to gain a full understanding of the criteria being used to review their Kia clients’ sites.


EZ Results was proactive in making all changes applicable to design, content and overall digital presence adhering to the key factors identified in the Centre of Excellence.  In addition direction was then provided on any elements the dealer can only do themselves, such as specific guidelines on how photos of the inventory must be taken regarding and social media management.


Keeping an open line of communication with Kia Canada’s agency allows EZ Results to achieve their goal for their existing Kia clients to receive exceptionally high marks.


EZ Results prides itself in exceeding their clients’ expectations.  With clients representing most OEMs, EZ Results welcomes the opportunity of becoming a valued service provider for many more dealers across Canada.

Make It Easy For Your Customers To Contact You

In today’s uber busy world, dealers are looking for ways to make it as easy as possible for customers to connect with them. Potential customers can reach you via phone calls, contact us forms , email, text messaging and now messaging apps. At the end of the day you need to make sure you have the ability to be reached whichever way your customers want to connect with you.

You probably have a good handle on the most common methods but what about messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, What’s App, Google Messenger,  Google Hangouts and now Google Allo to name just a few.

So where should you focus your attention? Should you focus on all of them or just a few of them? More importantly, how should you implement them? To answer those questions, I would look at the platform that has the most opportunity. Enter Facebook Messenger.

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Why You Need A Facebook Page For Your Business



It’s almost 2017; your business needs a Facebook page! You need to either start thinking about hiring someone to manage and create your business’ page or do some research on your own so you’re able to do it yourself.

According to Facebook’s data, 22 million people are already on Facebook in Canada– and that number is growing daily! That’s 22 million people that you could be reaching through your Facebook account. There are thousands of marketers already ahead of you targeting your consumers just because you refuse to make your organization a page.

Now, if your main argument is that you, yourself, do not have a Facebook account than that isn’t a proper excuse. It’s time for you to bite the bullet and create your organization a Facebook business page!

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Verifying Your Twitter Account

If you start seeing a lot more blue check marks on your twitter feed, it’s because Twitter has now made becoming verified easier.

Varified example

Users of Twitter can now request to have their account verified. By doing so, they can get a blue check mark which confirms that your account is not a hoax or parody account. This feature is ideal for celebrities and organizations so that their twitter followers can trust them. Verified users are also given the ability to ignore those who are not apart of the verified twitter-verse if they so choose. This allows the person or company to ignore harassing messages or spam accounts. While there are perks to getting your account verified, you must first go through the verification process.

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