Success Story – Trent Valley Honda

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Can changing your website provider truly improve both the amount of site visits and the User Experience (UX)?

The answer is an emphatic yes!

Trent Valley Honda, located in Peterborough Ontario, decided in late 2016 that they wanted to improve both the look and feel of their site to enhance UX as well as hopefully generate more qualified site traffic.

After a detail diligence process they select EZ Results. EZ Results is renowned for its detailed approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Custom Designed Dealer Websites.

The results were outstanding:

During the period of May 11th 2017 (the live date of the new site) and September 5th 2017 compared to the previous period of January 13th and May 10th the Organic Traffic increased 124.73% and nearly 8,000 visitors.

During the same period the Direct Traffic also increased by 54.31% and nearly 2,000 visitors. EZ Results clients always see an increase in Direct Traffic, this is a result of the significant increase in Organic Traffic which leads many of those first time visitors to then directly input the dealer’s URL into their browser.

Monika Carmichael

“We are extremely pleased with our decision to have EZ Results develop our new website. The increased site visits has definitively led to more sales leads and service visits….” said Monika Carmichael, Dealer Principal/General Manager Trent valley Honda. Monika went on to say “…we have also had so many customers comment on how impressive our new website is”.

Monika Carmichael, Dealer Principal, Trent Valley Honda