Automotive Social Networking

We all know how important it is to network with friends, family and colleagues. Whether you’re looking for a job, a car or any else, we instinctively go to our networks to find a solution to a problem. Social Networking on the internet is no different. The challenge is most of the connections that you will need are hidden. Your network might have huge potential but it is only as valuable as the people in them and the connections you can see. The creation of social sites solves the problem of seeing connections that are normally hidden.  When “friends” connect to you, you can see who your friends know and who their friends know. Opening up this network can dramatically increase your customer reach.

Imagine now having a network of thousands of people not on one site but on dozens of sites. Today’s online social sites allow you, as a dealer, to submit your entire inventory, weekly specials, upcoming events, videos, etc. to thousands of people for free. Social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Squidoo have very different formats however the goal is still the same, drive as much business to your dealership as possible.