Verifying Your Twitter Account

If you start seeing a lot more blue check marks on your twitter feed, it’s because Twitter has now made becoming verified easier.

Varified example

Users of Twitter can now request to have their account verified. By doing so, they can get a blue check mark which confirms that your account is not a hoax or parody account. This feature is ideal for celebrities and organizations so that their twitter followers can trust them. Verified users are also given the ability to ignore those who are not apart of the verified twitter-verse if they so choose. This allows the person or company to ignore harassing messages or spam accounts. While there are perks to getting your account verified, you must first go through the verification process.

Starting the Verification Process

Now that the option to verify your account is open to the public, it can easily be done through the help center under ‘Managing Your Account’.  Once on the page, on the left side, the option to verify your account should be clearly visible. This is where you start your journey to becoming a verified user.

It must be noted that, even though Twitter has now opened up their application process to the public, the requirements to becoming verified still have not changed. You need to still go through the process of filling out:

    • A cell phone number so that they can text a verification code
    • A confirmed email address
    • A reasoning that is less than 500 characters as to why you deserve to be verified
    • A profile photo
    • A header photo
    • A birthday (for accounts that are not company, brand, or organization accounts)
    • A link to 2-5 websites that can verify the reasoning behind you becoming verified
    • Tweets set as public in Tweet privacy settings


You’ve Completed Your Application

The process of filling this information out shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes. There is nothing overly complicated or any trick questions to stump you. Once you fill out all the information asked of you, your application is sent to Twitter for it to be reviewed. You should then be directed to a Thank You page which will mark the start of the next process: waiting.

Thank You - Twitter Verification Process

While the application process is now open to the public, it does not necessarily mean that your account will be verified. If it so happens that your application gets denied, there is no need to fret; you can try applying again in 30 days.

For more information about the twitter application process, please check out their support page.